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Arts in Education

We offer our services through individual classes, workshops and performances. At the end of each workshop series, students have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned through graded exams and in-school performances, outside theatre shows or as part of a drum or dance circle within their school community.

Individual Classes

* Ekombi Dance from Nigeria taught by Perfecta Ekpo
* Central African Dance taught by Mafor Mambo Tse
* Djembe Drum Classes supervised by Sanga of the Valley



”How To Cry @ an African Funeral”
This comedy was written by Mambo Tse and available for student performances. The play examines stereotypes and helps students understand the different rituals associated with celebrating life.


African Inspired Visual Arts

In the 18th century, the Ndzundza Ndebele people of South Africa created their own tradition and style of house painting.


Community Conversations

Community Conversations provide an opportunity for students to have a thoughtful discussion and dialogue about their shared values as American residents--past, present, and future.


About us

We are Protectors of the Rainforest

Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest is a performance group based in Brooklyn that has created educational and artistic programs that incorporate the diverse cultures and histories of Africa since 2006. The dance troupe tours the World using African Dance to spread the 3 Rs (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) of protecting the environment for generations to come. Their stage and costumes are made of recycled materials.

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